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HealED promotes the idea of beauty from the inside out. We help people with potential or current eating disorders set priorities and find the tools necessary to grow. By focusing our attention away from the physical aspects of a person and instead on self-awareness, acceptance, character, and esteem building, we demonstrate how to overcome insecurity, gain control over ones life, and how to love yourself and others for who they are.


  • Physiological- Taking care of your physical body. Eating healthy. Working out. Regular body maintenance; checkups, and dentist visits.
  • Emotional- Feeling stable with your inner-self. Being able to exhibit and feel things properly.
  • Mental- The capacity to come to conclusions by releasing problems to create peace within one's own mind.
  • Spiritual- Acceptance in something greater than yourself and finding guidance and humility from it.
  • Social- Retaining meaningful relationships with family, friends, peers, and coworkers.
  • Financial- The ability to support yourself.
  • Altruism- Allowing yourself to feel empathy and love for others.
  • Esteem- Loving people for who they are.
  • Moral- Knowing right and wrong and making decisions based on what you consider acceptable and unacceptable behavior and choices.



How HealEd Was Created

Founder, Justin Jones created HealED after discovering that his eldest daughter suffered from anorexia.

As the owner of a start up swimsuit design company, models were regularly around. It took a toll on his daughter, who after some time finally confessed, “It hurts that you choose a business that supports unrealistic body expectations of the average female. I’ll never be able to wear these swimsuits because I’m too big." 

After this heart-wrenching conversation with his daughter, he knew a change had to be made. He wanted to be a part of that change. The need for exposing and providing assistance for those suffering from this all-too-real disorder was apparent. 

Thus, HealED was created. HealED focuses on what true beauty really means. With continued content in the realms of personal growth, esteem building, and showing self-awareness, we will continue to push the envelope to find ways to spread the message and aid in assistance to those suffering from this disease.


Join the Cause

EJ Swim donates 10% of every sale to this cause in hopes to show women their true beauty that has been there all along. This 10% goes towards

1. Awareness | We are constantly spreading the word about eating disorders to the community and addressing self image issues. Some of the ways that we do that is through fundraising events, posts to keep eating disorders and eating issues as a regularly trending topic, and to allow sufferers a place to come to, address their concerns, and to know and be around those that understand or may also be struggling. 

2. Prevention | By promoting messages of accepting and loving one's body and more importantly, who we are, we push for people to see beyond looks in themselves and others. Through our videos, we are able to address the nine spokes for building a full circle life. On social media, we are regularly posting inspirational messages of pride in one's character, as well as stories of the accomplishments of young people based on things besides looks such as intellect, bravery, class, and those supporting or changing traditional beauty standards.

3. Treatment | The financial pressure that treatment of an eating disorder takes on the sufferer and their family is a struggle that we help to assist in. Through our partnerships, fundraising events, and merchandise sales, we are able to help support sufferers into rehabilitation centers that are flexible for them, with both inpatient and outpatient options. Through uncovering the root of the problems we are able to address, treat, and eventually prevent in recurrence. 


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