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About EJ Swim

We are so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Jane Swimwear. At EJ Swim our goal is to design and produce comfortable and quality, “I can’t stop myself from feeling beautiful” swimwear. We designed with minimal seams for a to eliminate bulk and create a second skin like feeling. Our swimwear is soft, sculpting and hugs you in all the right places for a flawless fit every time. 

Making women feel comfortable and confident is something EJ Swim truly believes in. As women, we realize the balance and battle of the influential media standards women struggle with, especially when it comes to swimwear. 

This being said, we took matters in to our own hands and created HealED to benefit those struggling with eating disorders. With every purchase of an EJ Swimsuit you are giving directly back to those struggling with the unfortunate, and all too common eating disorder disease. HealED provides prevention services as well as treatment/counseling services with the best best facilities in the nation based on personal needs, and long term desired goals. HealED provides sponsorships for multiple clinics who's recovery processes are similar and supportive to our own ideals. 

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